If you have doubts or fears of having an implant procedure in Dr. Maytesyan’s office, don’t think twice-just do it! It’s totally worth it. Implants are a great investment in the future wellbeing of your mouth, as they last forever. And after having an ‘implant experience’ with Dr. Maytesyan I would never got to any other dentist. He is the best! I lost a lot of teeth in the past and had to wear dental partials that gave me a lot of problems because of my dry mouth. So after consulting with Dr. Maytesyan, I decided to replace a partial in my lower jaw with implants. Naturally, I was quite nervous when I came to an appointment to have three implants installed. To my amazement, the whole procedure was a breeze- thanks to Dr. Maytesyan and his skillful and caring assistant Inga. The procedure was almost painless and lasted less than 2 hours. After the surgery the soreness and swelling were manageable, and every day I noticed improvement, until, after a week, all traces of discomfort were gone. In a couple of weeks I’m going to have the upper parts of the implants installed and will finally be able to smile again! It’s a pure pleasure to be in care of such a talented Doctor with a magic touch, and his delightful team of extremely professional, friendly and raring assistants.

Olga Rabichkin, Devoted patient,