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Dental Implants in Reseda, Tarzana and Encino, CA


In our office, located in Reseda CA and very close to Encino and Tarzana cities, you will experience comfortable, exceptional Dental care include dental implants and cosmetic dentistry. Today`s dentistry offers so many amazing opportunities for you to enjoy better health and enhanced appearance.

We invite you to discover the possibilities?


New patients are always welcome, and patients with emergency pain, will receive prompt attention. From teeth cleaning such as, SRP's, Full mouth Debrivement, and Quadrant cleanings, to Fillings and cavities, from whitening and Porcelain veneers, to Crowns, bridges and Implant restorations, ETC. You'll soon discover that we provide all levels of comprehensive dental care that you and your family deserve!


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Transform Your Smile with Natural-Looking Dental Implants in Reseda, CA!

Experience the Confidence of Dental Implants that Mimic Natural Teeth: Crafted from titanium, a dental implant seamlessly replaces the missing tooth root, providing a durable, aesthetically pleasing solution.

Convenience Meets Quality Care: Every step of your dental implant journey, from initial consultation to the final placement of your implant crown, takes place right here in our Reseda office. We've invested in cutting-edge technology, including high-tech 3D X-rays and Guided Implant Surgery, to ensure comprehensive treatment without the need for multiple appointments elsewhere. Even your implant crowns are meticulously crafted in our in-house lab, allowing for precise adjustments to achieve a flawless fit and seamlessly blend with your smile.

Expert Guidance Every Step of the Way: Our highly trained doctors specialize in Implant Dentistry, equipped with the expertise and skill to perform each aspect of your dental implant procedure with precision.

Embark on Your Dental Implant Journey Today:
Begin with a comprehensive Dental Implant Evaluation and Consultation with our experienced doctors. This thorough assessment includes:

- A Smile Evaluation to assess your candidacy for dental implants
- Comprehensive oral examination
- Necessary X-rays and 3D imaging
- Discussion of treatment options and addressing any questions or concerns

Unlock the potential of a radiant, complete smile with dental implants. Schedule your consultation with us today at our Reseda, CA clinic!