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Preventative Dentistry

Regular care through proper hygiene and advanced preventative dentistry in Reseda, close to Tarzana, Encino, and Woodland Hills, CA, can help you avoid most conditions that negatively affect your smile. Maintain a beautiful smile with the most advanced and comprehensive care provided by Dentistry U doctors.

Perio Therapy

In our dental clinic located near Tarzana, Encino, and Woodland Hills, periodontal therapy includes care for the gum and bone structures supporting your teeth. Toxic bacteria from plaque can cause periodontal disease, also known as gum disease or gingivitis. If untreated, this can lead to tooth loss and the breakdown of soft tissues and bone, among other serious health issues. Through periodontal therapy, we can restore your gums and supportive tissues and prevent further damage.

Root Canal Therapy

Experiencing trauma can damage the nerve tissue inside your tooth. At our Reseda clinic, a root canal may be necessary to remove infected and inflamed tissue, or pulp, from the root canal. Dentistry U will fill the canal with an inert material, and the procedure is often completed with a filling or crown. Contrary to popular belief, the pain involved in a root canal is minimal, especially compared to the discomfort felt before the procedure. Dentistry U utilizes the latest technology and dental techniques to make your root canal more effective and less time-consuming.


For minor tooth decay or cavities, our clinic in Reseda, near Tarzana and Encino, may use a filling to prevent further destruction of the tooth. While traditional amalgam (silver) fillings were once common, now an undetectable, tooth-colored resin filling is used to repair your tooth.


The stresses of daily life can lead you to grit your teeth or clamp your jaw at night. This strain can cause your teeth to break, chip, or crack, and result in jaw pain and headaches the next day. At Dentistry U in Reseda, a custom-crafted nightguard can help eliminate these issues. Additionally, if you have had your smile enhanced with veneers, crowns, or bridges, you may be advised to wear a nightguard to protect your investment.


At our clinic close to Tarzana, Encino, and Woodland Hills, the NTI system is designed to eliminate tension and stress on your teeth, preventing you from grinding them together. This device, primarily worn at night, is small and fits snugly between your two upper front and two lower teeth. The result is reduced headaches, minimal wear on your teeth, and protection from chipping and breaking due to grinding.

Visit our clinic in Reseda for a consultation and take the first step towards maintaining a healthy, beautiful smile.

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