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Technology in Dentistry

Your dental visit doesn’t have to be a source of stress. Your comfort and safety are important to Dentistry U team. The latest technology, dental equipment and techniques are utilized to ensure your satisfaction with your visit and your continued oral health!

Reseda, Tarzana, Encino & Woodland Hills CA

Cone Beam

Cone beam X-rays produce 3D image data of the whole volume in one scan. The rotation of the scanner may be as little as 180 degrees – that is a half circle around the patient’s head – or varying degrees of rotation up to 360 degrees. Some machines perform a second rotation to create a larger volume by “stitching” two smaller volumes together. As the machine rotates the radiation is pulsed and each pulse results in image data. Usually more than one pulse is generated for each angle of rotation; for example a machine with a rotation of 194 degrees may generate 300 images to complete the data set. Also if the rotation time is for example 17 seconds, the sum of the pulses may only add up to 6 seconds of actual radiation exposure. The image data is captured by a sensor and the manufacturer’s proprietary software is then employed to study and analyze the scan. Usually this scan data can also be converted to a DICOM format so the scan can be exported to a third party software program such as N-Liten 3D or Simplant to further display and manipulate the image. Scans in the DICOM format are exported over the internet to third parties for such services as Simplant conversions, reports by oral and maxillofacial radiologists and the construction of implant surgical guides and body parts by various rapid prototyping or stereolithography services. The scans can also be put into viewer software and copied to a CD so other parties may view the images without the need to purchase software. Viewer software included with the various 3D imaging software usually includes a number of useful tools like making 1:1 measurements which are very accurate.

Digital Photography

Dentistry U uses digital photography to create instant images he keeps on file and uses to track your progress. Film-based photography shows less detail and has to be taken off-site to be developed, while digital images are more efficient and can be saved electronically.

Digital X-Rays

Do you need X-Rays but don’t want to be exposed to the radiation, then digital X-Rays are what you need. Digital X-Rays result in less exposure to radiation and the results are almost instantaneous. They show more detail than traditional X-Rays and can be archived in our system for future reference and comparison. You will appreciate a more comfortable visit with less waiting and quicker treatment.

Cosmetic Imaging

It’s hard to tell what you will look like when your cosmetic procedures are finished without seeing them. That’s why we do cosmetic imaging. Dentistry U uses this latest technology to help you make the best decision for your dental health and overall appearance.

E4D Dentist

Today’s dentistry is a far cry from years past. Patients today need not settle for obvious silver fillings because there are treatment options available that look just as beautiful as—if not better than—their own natural teeth. What’s more, many patients can be treated today without metal, and more and more tooth structure can be conserved, thanks to minimally-invasive techniques designed to help preserve natural dentin—an important part of healthy, strong teeth.

What many people might not know is that the same innovations that are revolutionizing business and technology are being clinically proven to enhance the precision and longevity of modern dental treatment options. Also, such technologies are making today’s modern dentistry more convenient, less time consuming, and more patient-friendly.

Introducing the E4D Dentist™ system—Modern Dentistry that Fits Your Lifestyle
For example, with the E4D Dentist system, instead of using traditionally inconvenient and messy impression materials, dentists can obtain clean, fast digital impressions in a few minutes using a laser scanner in the mouth. This laser scanning technology is not only extremely precise when “capturing” all of the details of a patient’s smile, but is also as safe as the check-out scanner at a grocery store. But, best of all, there is no need for a patient to hold unpleasant, possibly distasteful material in his or her mouth.
Then, while the patient watches, a dental professional custom-designs a crown, veneer, or filling perfectly suited for the patient based on his or her condition using the chairside, computer-based design center. From there, the information about the restoration is transferred to the in-office milling unit, where the patient’s crown, veneer, or filling is made. Shortly thereafter, it’s permanently seated in his or her mouth.

Benefits of Same Day Dentistry

With modern, state-of-the-art E4D Dentistry, patients don’t need to suffer through traditional impressions. They don’t need temporaries. And they don’t need to wait days—or more likely weeks—for their permanent restorations. That also means that they won’t have to be inconvenienced with the back-and-forth typically associated with crowns, veneers, and some types of fillings. Rather, when E4D Dentistry is right for them, patients can be in and out of the dental office with their permanent, natural-looking and metal-free restorations in a single visit. E4D restorations are perfect for situations like chipped, worn or cracked teeth; teeth that are discolored or have gaps and spaces between them; teeth that have decay and/or old, worn fillings.

E4D—Right Around the Corner

You don’t have to travel far to experience the convenience and precision of E4D Dentistry. We’ve already invested in this innovative technology because we believe our patients deserve modern dentistry that fits their lifestyles. Simply call us at [PRACTICE NUMBER] and we’ll be happy to answer your questions about E4D Dentistry.

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