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Dental Implants, Braces

A beautiful smile begins with healthy teeth. Today’s technology allows you to have increased durability, convenience and comfort in all your dental work.


“Bad gums could be as strong a risk factor for heart attacks as smoking cigarettes, which is to blame for about 40,000 heart-related deaths a year.”
(Daniel Haney, AP Medical Director, February 17, 1998)

“A new study of fatty deposits lodged in the carotid arteries of stroke sufferers shows that 70% contain bacteria and 40% of that bacteria comes from the mouth”
(USA Today, April 14, 1998)

“Men with periodontal disease have a stronger propensity for cardio-vascular disease than men without periodontal disease, with those under 50 with periodontal disease having a greater risk than those over 50.”
(J. Periodontal 1998: 69:841-850)

“Diabetics with gum disease were three times more likely to have heart attacks than those without gum disease.”
(USA Today, April 14, 1998)

“Under the surface…are pockets of infection that contain billions of bacteria. If this oozing mess was out where it could be seen, it would be a bone-deep store the size of the palms of both hands.”
(Daniel Haney, AP Medical Director, February 17, 1998)

“Women with gum disease are seven to eight times more likely to give birth prematurely to low birth-weight babies.”
(USA Today, April 14, 1998)

“Bacteria in plaque are linked to lung infections in people with chronic lung diseases such a chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.”
(USA Today, February 17, 1998)

“It appears that the extent of sites with probing depths>3mm is strongly related to the incidence of total coronary heart disease.”
(Annals if Periodontology, Vol.3, #1, July 1998; 127-141)

“Studies also suggest that good oral hygiene habits may improve fertility in sub-fertile males.”
(Internet, Dentist: Oral Health and Hygiene, September, 1999)

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